June 1, 2019

Fleetx - GPS Tracking Software In India, GPS Tracking System

Fleetx - GPS Tracking Software In India, GPS Tracking System

Fleetx is an intelligent GPS Tracking System which uses AI, machine learning, sensors and predictive analytics to help fleet owners improve their efficiency, safety and make smart and better decisions in a cost effective & flexible way. ‌‌fleetx always keeps an eye on your entire fleet and provides you the best GPS tracking & analytical features.‌‌

How are we different?

With a host of unique features, fleetx stands out amongst its competitors in several ways when it comes to GPS Tracking Software.

Fuel Management

Fuel monitoring is an important part of GPS Tracking Software to reduce the biggest bite of  Fuel consumption in the fleet operations. As per the Industry average, fuel expenses account for 45% of the total expenses. Fleetx Fuel Management system uses the data from ECU (Engine control unit) to provide accurate mileage, fuel consumed and few elementary figures of merits like Cost per Km, Fuel wastage.

We are the first one in the industry to detect Fuel Wastage. Fuel wastage data is a key factor to look out for if you want to save fuel.

Another first from fleetx is the calculation for fuel mileage for CNG vehicles

Vehicle Mileage is the key indicator to detect how effectively a vehicle is running. Our mileage data helps many clients to save big on their fuel consumption.

An overview of Daily fuel consumed by Vehicles

History Management and Reports

fleetx gives you detailed information about all your vehicle’s History and allows you to quickly identify anomalies within your trips with GPS Tracker Software.
History timeline feature helps you to track Vehicle's movement along with running and Stop duration.
We are also providing Route Playback feature, which lets you track your vehicle movement on the Map like a movie playback.
Review, track and get insights on your fleet running performance with the various downloadable reports that we offer and save the slogging hours of your team wasted doing the data entry of every movement of your fleet, while still being able to take critical and day-to-day informed operational decisions around your fleet.
Speed Violations, Stoppages, History Report By Distance, Daily Summary, Location by Time Reports are our most downloaded Reports.

Daily Running KM graph of a Vehicle to track Vehicle Running Performance

Real-Time GPS Tracking

Fleetx Real-time GPS tracking will help you manage your fleet and optimize the way you used to work until now. Our online web-based fleet tracking and management software provide you an easy to use monitoring dashboard and accurate statistics are directly driven from the GPS Tracking devices installed on your fleet. You can keep an eye on your entire fleet and learn their exact location and status. The accuracy of fleetx- Best GPS Tracking In India is 3 seconds, which means you can get your fleet’s data every 3 seconds.

If any of your Vehicle gets trapped in some emergency, we provide a Nearby Vehicles feature with GPS Tracking Software In India which will locate all your nearby vehicles which can provide some assistance to the vehicle in an emergency. This can be used to schedule trips and improve your vehicle loads.

Monitor your Driver's Driving Behavior

fleetx allows you to monitor your driver’s performance when they are on-road. With fleetx Software, you can easily evaluate each vehicle's driving data based on Idle Duration, Over-speed Duration, Hard Acceleration, and Hard Brake Count. Based on this, we give the score for each Vehicle termed as Driving Score. Higher the score, the better the driver/vehicle performance is. Driving Score data is highly useful for making drastic changes to your driver’s driving behavior.

Drivers scorecard to track driver's driving behavior

Vehicle Utilization Index

This indexes your Vehicle running efficiency, a key indicator to spot the Vehicles performing below a set threshold. You can easily track your least utilized Vehicle on fleetx dashboard. We are scoring it based on the actual running hours of the Vehicle in a day to the base running hours (default is taken as 12 hours).

Vehicles utilization tracking graph

Instant Notifications for various events on your vehicles

With the Geofence feature of fleetx in GPS Tracking Software, you can now keep God's eye view on your fleet movement and get instantly notified whenever any of your Vehicle enters or leaves any pre-defined geofences. This could be instrumental in preventing the theft or any unwanted movement of your Vehicle.

With the Speed Violation Alert feature of fleetx, you will be notified via (email/sms) at every instance whenever the driver violates the maximum speed limit for a certain number of minutes.
We also provide additional alerts so as you are connected with your fleet at all times. Some of our most used alerts are Misuse, Sharp Turn, ignition On/Off, Idle engine, Quick lane change, Parked.

Fleetx 360o Analytics

We've got you two dedicated tabs offering Job and Site Analytics of your entire fleet so as you can better assess your fleet performance at any given moment. The trip delays, loading duration, unloading duration, favorite stops of your vehicles, stoppage duration, route performance, vehicle performance, your consignors' performance etc. This directly impacts the financial health of the company.

Make better projections about your fleet, know which consignor gives you the most business, which ones are just not doing it right, which ones needs a upright feedback from your end or you might receive from them in the near future. Which Vehicle has been out there rubbing its knees all the time doing the stupendous jobs, which one gets sluggish along the trips, which ones just sits idle, which pack of your vehicle needs to be in ready-to-go module at all times, evaluate all this and much more based on their productivity, their capacities and past performances.
Using fleet analytics to get an all inclusive view of your fleet units, provides you the essential actionable insights which can maximize the company's entire operations.    
This is just a small preview of the features that we offer. Moreover, regular additions are always coming up.

Interested in getting started with fleetx- GPS Tracking Software, request a free demo here.