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How does Freight Bidding work?

The freight bidding process might sound quite complex, but it can be simply understood as the process through which business owners or manufacturers get their shipping requirements fulfilled. The freight bidding process is


Why Do Fleet Management KPIs Matter?

Tracking and improving business operations has a lot to do with picking and measuring the right metrics. In general, these metrics are termed Key Performance Indicators or KPI that focus on specific objectives


What is RFID technology and how does it work?

Many industries, especially related to construction, logistics, and fleet management, are gravitating towards RFID technology to keep track of their vehicles, shipments, and equipment. With real-time location tracking, this technology is fast emerging


Digitisation of supply chain - Next Big Thing?

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought tremendous change in the way companies in any industry do business and has created constraints that impact the movement of products throughout the world. Coronavirus-related problems have revealed