Best Fleet Product 2020 by manufacturing supply chain summit


Enjoy automatic & cashless toll payments on highways with FASTag

Benefits of FASTag

For Government
Hassle Free bill payment at FASTag toll plazas

Avoid long queues

Huge Cashback

Lower fuel cost of vehciles

Various payment options can be used for online FASTag recharge
For Toll Operators
Cashless payments reduced the problem of giving the change

Reduction in the onboarding & deboarding of the vehicles

Reduction in customer aggression

Reduction in operationals cost, no human interface required
For Government
Better highway management

No revenue leakage
ZERO FEES & Earn while Spending
Fleetx FASTag has a one time issuance fees of Re.0. Earn 2.5% cashback on each transaction and decrease the vehicle waiting time to increase utilization
Control all your FASTag expenses under one roof
Just download the file from the corresponding bank and upload the file on our portal. Rich reports and complete visualizations enable fleet owners to compare FASTag expenses across various jobs and manage the vehicle expenses.
Detailed Analysis on vehicle-wise/Job-wise toll transactions
One-click download button for vehicle-wise & Job-wise FASTag expenses. Avoid manual FASTag expenses data logging & automate transactions data record keeping with comprehensive and visual reports available as pdf or csv downloads.
Vehicle-wise tracking using FASTag
Track the vehicle using FASTag as which toll the particular vehicle has crossed and monitor toll expenses along with their corresponding locations & time-stamp.
No Cash Intervention
No need to rely on drivers with huge amount of cash. No more problem of taking huge amounts of cash and theft worries.
Bid Adieu to Long Queues at Toll Plazas with FASTag- Akin to AADHAR of Vehicles