Best Fleet Product 2020 by manufacturing supply chain summit

India's First Contact Tracing application for Logistics Sector & Manufacturing plants

No more worries of shutting the entire Logistics & Manufacturing plants. Reopening will be secured & fearless journey with Fleetx.

Contact Tracing

Track the historical connections of any COVID +ve employee along with their time stamps and contact duration and securely minimize the spread of COVID-19 without shutting down the organisation/plant
Rapid Crisis Response
Stay connected to employees and make data-driven decisions with Fleetx: Contact Tracing App. Drill down to second level of connection and proactively take action to minimise the chances of spread.
Analytical temperature reports
Integrate the temperature feeding system with our portal to store the employee's temperature data in Fleetx and analyse the anomalies with rich and simple UI employee dashboard.
User Contact Graph
Access, analyse and stay well informed with the User Contact Graph tracing and avoid losses incurred by the complete shutdown of the plant, organisation or workplace.
Containment Zone Analysis within the Manufacturing Plant
Fleetx intelligently maps the employees' movement against the lat/long of infected person to give the information of the employees' who are at higher risk. This enables to alert the employees' beforehand to minimise the impacts and close only the infected department/area rather than completely shutting down the plant. Conduct indoor location-based tracing and physical distancing detection compliance assessment alerting the employees on realtime basis.
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