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Impact on your business
  • Track your Vehicles in real-time
    Track, Monitor, and Analyze your vehicles in real-time. Check which vehicles have completed their trip, which vehicles still have not, and note which vehicles are stagnant for unnatural amounts of time.
  • Optimize your Routes, Scheduling, and Dispatch
    Fleetx's solution makes sure that that all your processes are automated, the days of constant phone calls and physical ledgers and sticky notes is long gone.
  • Power your Fleet with the best in class devices
    The quality of your devices should never be compromised. To make sure that your fleet is always connected with you, we use best in class AIS 140 GPS Devices.
  • The world is moving digital and so are your fleet operations
    All digital records of your fleet at one place, do cashless toll payments on the highway and manage all your fleet expenses under one roof.
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