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Spot Auction
Optimized Carrier Selection through Bidding

Dynamic bidding in Spot Auction optimizes shipping costs, securing real-time carriers for agile logistics management. Swift decision-making adapts to market dynamics, ensuring optimal rates for immediate needs and a responsive supply chain.

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Load Builder
Maximized Capacity, Minimized Costs

Load Builder empowers logistics with effortless load optimization, maximizing capacity utilization and minimizing costs. Easily tailor loads to specific shipping requirements, ensuring efficient and cost-effective transportation solutions for your business.

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Dispatch Planner
Dynamic Shipment Scheduling Mastery

Dispatch Planner enhances operational efficiency with dynamic scheduling, ensuring timely deliveries and effective transportation network management. Adapt to changing demands seamlessly, optimizing routes and maintaining consistent, reliable supply chain performance.

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Freight Audit & Payment
Automated Billing Precision

Automate billing processes and ensure accuracy with Freight Audit & Payment. Streamline financial workflows, eliminating discrepancies and simplifying auditing, payment, and invoicing for a more efficient and accurate financial management process.

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RFQ Management
Efficient Request for Quote Handling

Streamline collaboration with RFQ Management, securing optimal pricing and simplifying the Request for Quote process. Foster efficient communication with carriers, enhancing the procurement process and ensuring cost-effective and reliable transportation solutions.

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Multi-Channel Integration
Real-Time Connectivity Across Channels

Achieve real-time control with Multi-Channel Integration, seamlessly connecting with diverse channels. Consolidate data for a unified logistics management experience, enhancing visibility and control across your entire supply chain for more informed decision-making.

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Collaborative Execution
Enhanced Stakeholder Collaboration

Collaborative Execution fosters stakeholder collaboration, ensuring real-time decision-making for enhanced efficiency throughout your supply chain. Facilitate seamless communication and coordination, optimizing processes and fostering a collaborative approach to logistics management.

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Network Optimiser
Maximized Transportation Network Efficiency

Maximize transportation network efficiency with Network Optimizer, optimizing routes, sourcing warehouse or plant and minimizing transit times. Enhance overall supply chain performance, improving efficiency and reducing costs through strategic optimization of transportation routes and loading location selection.

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