Reduce Accidents & Protect
Cargo using AI Dashcam

Move beyond just GPS: Enhance fleet visibility with our cutting edge Video Telematics solution. Use advanced AI based Driver monitoring system, supported by multi angle cameras to get realtime behaviour alerts

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Video Telematics
24 x 7 Visibility
Real-Time Video Monitoring

Live stream 24x7 video playback and enable instant visibility into fleet activities. Ensure proactive decision-making, immediate response to black swan events. Our cameras can be configured to record video even when the engine is OFF.

Green Check Mark24x7 HD Live Recording
Green Check MarkSide-By-Side Channel View
Green Check MarkIn Built Accurate GPS
Vision AI
AI-Powered Analytics

Harness the power of AI to analyze video data, get valuable insights into driving performance, other risk factors and events of importance, ultimately enhancing overall fleet safety and efficiency.

Green Check MarkDistracted Driving Alerts
Green Check MarkExoneration of Drivers
Green Check MarkDriver Coaching
Cargo Monitoring
Cargo Monitoring

Ensure the safety of your shipment with all-round visibility, real-time tracking, and tampering visibility, providing robust safeguards for transported goods.

Green Check MarkGPS Based Alerts
Green Check MarkDriver Based Alerts
Green Check MarkTampering Alerts
Up to 11% improvement in delivery times due to enhanced adherence to traffic rules and protocols by the driver.
11% Improvement