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Video Telematics
Realtime GPS Data
Best-in-class location tracking & geofencing

Fleetx offers top-notch visibility with "to-the-second" GPS tracking and intelligent geofencing, enhancing route efficiency and ensuring superior customer service through advanced technology and toring. Win more business by reducing your TATs and Delays using efficient route and dispatch planning.

Green Check MarkIncrease On Time Deliveries
Green Check MarkAutomate Workflows
EV Management
Empower EVs with Intelligent Telematics for Data-Driven Analytics

Access real-time vehicle charging details, including state-of-charge, battery level, charging location, and charging cycles. Get Realtime alerts for low battery levels, optimise energy usage, charge times, and locations for efficient fleet planning. Monitor trip wise emissions to align with sustainability goals.

Green Check MarkCharging Cycle
Green Check MarkCharging Alarms
Green Check MarkBattery Health
Fleet Diagnostics and Maintenance
Drive Ahead with Confidence: Advanced Predictive Maintenance and Vehicle Diagnostics

Enhance fleet performance with automated reminders for timely service, reducing breakdowns. Efficiently manage maintenance scheduling, avoid road breakdowns and preemptively address issues through DTC codes, and ensure comprehensive oversight for optimal fleet health ensuring long uptime and workflow efficiency.

Green Check MarkAutomated & Paperless Scheduling
Green Check MarkMaximize Uptime
AI Powered Fuel Intelligence
Fuel Intelligence Redefined: Reduce Costs & Stop Burning Excess Cash with Fleetx Fuel Management

Maximize fuel efficiency and cut costs with Fleetx Fuel Reporting. Track trends, identify inefficiencies, and receive customised reports regularly. Gain insights into mileage trends across vehicle maker/model, true idle time, wasted fuel and enhance overall fuel efficiency. Monitor Thefts using our AI powered accurate live theft alerts.

Green Check MarkFuel Alerts
Green Check MarkFuel Consumption
Green Check MarkMileage Trends
Green Check MarkTank Level Monitoring
Temperature Monitoring
Precision Cold Chain Control: Reduce Temperature related loss claims using Fleetx Reefer Solutions

Elevate your cold chain logistics with our Reefer Temperature Monitoring Module. Providing real-time, second-by-second temperature data eliminates manual record-keeping hassles, allowing proactive corrections and instant report submissions. Stay ahead with immediate alerts for out-of-range temperatures, preventing spoilage, ensuring top-notch quality, and boosting your business's reliability and profitability.

Green Check MarkMinimise Rejected Load
Green Check MarkRealtime Alerts
Cargo Security
Unlocking Cargo Security: Container Security for Safer Logistics

E-Lock GPS provides precise asset lock/unlock location data along with enhancing security and efficiency by minimizing the risk of loss or theft. Geofence based unlocking prevents unauthorized unlocking and realtime lock/unlock alerts ensure misuse or theft is promptly addressed. Bluetooth unlocking/Remote unlocking feature allows designated members to unlock with added security through a customizable 6-digit password.

Green Check MarkTempered Detection
Green Check MarkBuilt In Gps Tracking
OBD CAN: Monitor vehicle health and savings with our Predictive Analytics OBD Platform.

Gain real-time insights into driver behavior, vehicle health, DEF Monitoring and operational performance, empowering you to make data-driven decisions.

Green Check MarkFuel Theft Detection
Green Check MarkDef Monitoring
Green Check MarkAdblue Monitoring