Reporting & alerts

Increase operational efficiency & utilization with complete visibility into fleet performance using realtime alerts & advanced analytics reporting

Benefits & Features of Reporting & alerts

Easy-to-use Reports
With required filtering, sorting, search, and, quick navigation within the fleet reporting to identify actionable insights
Actionable Insights in your inbox
Receive daily, weekly, or monthly fleet activity reports through email with customizable report scheduling
Real-time alerts & notifications
Get notified as soon as alarm violation occurs for real-time actionables over email or SMS.

Advanced Analytics for instant decisions

Fleetx employs machine learning & AI to generate powerful analytics in order to help you make instant & meaningful decisions on the vehicle and driver's performance, in a single view.

Real-time ETA alerts

Improve customer/client communication with single-click job share, real-time route tracking, automatic ETA alerts, and instant route deviation updates.

Automatic Fuel Refill / Theft Detection & Alerting Feature/ Fuel refill alert, Fuel theft detection alerting feature

Get notified when assets arrive at a given location with Geofence Alerts, Fleetx's IoT-backed fuel sensor alerts you whenever a Vehicle gets a refill or Fuel pilferage.

Increase operational efficiency & Utilization

Improve and optimize your Fleet operations and efficiency with the help of various reports and alerts. For instance Use, driver analytics and fuel consumption report to improve the driver's efficiency.

Save money and reduce paperwork

With our Fuel, mileage, idling, stoppage time reports, eliminate time spent on tedious paperwork calculating unnecessary fuel wastage & costs. Set up Idling Alerts to get notified when drivers are idling in excess or get Fuel Reports, Running KMs emailed to you as per the required schedules.

Ensure product quality & Reduce Rejected Load claims

Fleetx’s Temperature Report help you stay FSSAI compliant with insight into temperature-sensitive product conditions. Get real-time alerts when products go out of temperature range threshold.

Streamline vehicle and equipment maintenance

Vehicle Renewal Reminders, Service reminders for routine inspection, Preventative Maintenance Alerts help you prevent issues beforehand & reduce maintenance costs.

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