Best Fleet Product 2020 by manufacturing supply chain summit

Cold Chain Industries

Increase operational efficiency & utilization with complete visibility into fleet performance using realtime alerts & advanced analytics reporting

Benefits of Cold Chain Industries

Decrease shipment spoilage with Real-time alerts

Monitor the temperature of perishables in real time, get alerts by SMS or email when temperatures goes beyond the desired levels. Discover chiller failures and human error before goods are lost or contaminated.

Automatics Temperature Logging & its corresponding locations

Fleetx seamlessly and automatically records temperature data points along with their corresponding locations & time-stamp, producing a centralized log of historical temperature report for compliance and real-time analytics.

Gain Better Cold Chain Visibility

Fleetx’s temperature sensors in refrigerated vehicles ensures safety and reduce spoilage & contamination loss throughout the cold chain.
Strengthen FSSAI Compliance
Avoid manual temperature data logging & automate temperature data record keeping with comprehensive and visual reports available as pdf or csv downloads.
Reduce Rejected Load Claims
with detailed historical temperature records of all vehicles. Provide customers with a single report showing minute-by-minute breakdowns of all temperature and sensor data points to prove product transport conditions.
Instant SMS, E-mail & App Notifications
Just set the temperature range limits and get real-time alerts & notifications when temperature goes beyond threshold values to avoid shipment spoilage, reduce operational costs
Foreseeing the temperature problem
Temperature sensors help in monitoring the refrigerator temperature throughout the journey and predictive analytics help in foreseeing the temperature sensor problem, thereby, reducing the shipment damage and increasing the ROI.
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