In Plant Logistics

End To End In-Plant Logistics Management Suite, AI based Intelligent Solution for your Enterprise business Our In Plant Logistics Management Suite Uses Artificial Intelligence to Optimize Your Entire Transportation Network

Benefits of Fleetx’s In Plant Logistics

Enhanced in-plant visibility and tracking
Easily monitor and track the in-plant movement of vehicles and time taken between in-plant stops with minimal manual intervention.
Raise Alerts, efficiently monitor in-plant vehicle movement
If a vehicle spends unnecessary time around the plant, automatically raise an alert which is sent to the fleet manager.
Improve work-flow and Automate operation process
Automate storage of important data points, generate insightful analytics while eliminating the risks of manual error, data corruption, etc.

In plant automation of vehicles checks and movement

  • Automatically detect, verify and store vehicle movement using RFID reader and tags
  • Verify driver’s credentials and identification proof.
  • Get insightful analytics on in-plant vehicle movement, gross weight calculations, time taken in between stops, total time taken

Automated weigh-in information

  • After detection by RFID tags, the vehicle arrives weigh balance
  • Weight data will be stored and displayed to the fleet manager.
  • In case of any discrepancy, an alarm will be raised which can be acted on by the fleet manager.

Automated detection of vehicles at stops inside plant

  • Using RFID tags and readers, vehicles are tracked along with time parameters at different in-plant stops inside the plant
  • Vehicles will follow an optimised predetermined route inside the plant premises
  • Guided unloading of materials and smooth exit

Automated entry of loading/ unloading details

  • After reaching the correct loading/ unloading dock, load details will be shared and displayed on the product.
  • Insightful insights on vehicle, load along with time taken can be generated and shared

Advanced analytics

Insightful analytics will be generated on the vehicle including time taken, load details, time taken in-between stops etc with minimal manual intervention.

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