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In Plant Logistics

End To End In-Plant Logistics Management Suite, AI based Intelligent Solution for your Enterprise business Our In Plant Logistics Management Suite Uses Artificial Intelligence to Optimize Your Entire Transportation Network

Benefits of In Plant Logistics

Enhanced In-Plant Visibility
Bird-Eye Visibility for all In-Plant Vehicle Movement & Stage-Wise TAT Analysis To Identify And Resolve Sub-Optimal Processes & Reinforce Efficiency.
Optimised Vehicle Movement
Get Optimised Route Plans for All In-Plant Vehicle Movement To Optimise Ops KPIs/Minimise Queue Time and Maximum Throughput for within plant operations.
One Click Compliances Check
Manage All Safety/Security/Tolerance Compliances onto a single platform, coupled with handling Vendor Escalations at a Single-Click . Get Hassle-Free One Click , Quantitative & Qualitative Freight Verification Resulting in Overall Higher Productivity.

In-Bound/Out-Bound Vehicle Check Automation

Automatically Verify Market Vehicle During Plant Entry - Get Driver Face Verification against ID Proofs & Vehicle Document Verification To Allow/Restrict Vehicle Entry and Minimise Any Malicious Activity Within The Plant. Get Complete Lifecycle Tracking From Plant Entry using Tracking Devices to Monitor Location & In-Time/Movement. Real Time Suspicion Alert & Vehicle Status Updates Without Any Manual Intervention. Vendor Escalation Relays To Ensure Delay-Less Outbound Jobs. Parking Lot Lane Auto-Assignment.

Safety Compliance Check

Safety Checkup For Parked-In Vehicle to Ensure Vehicle Complies to Plant Safety Standard, Configurable by Ops Team using Plant-Ops Mobile application. Compliance Violations to be raised as Notifications to Logistics Team/Transporter for Resolution/Escalation Using One-Click Actions. Vehicle Real-Time Tracking within plant to authorised personnel , having access to in-plant operations leveraging true location intelligence.

Automated Gate-In/Weigh-In Updates

Gate-In Eligibility For Vehicle Post Safety/Security Check. Plant Entry Based On Eligibility Check. Post Gate-In, Automatic Trip Job Updates Based On Vehicle Weigh-In Captures Tare/Gross Vehicle Weight

Dock-In/Dock-Out Planning

Post Weigh-In, FleetX Optimiser Figure The Right Dock for Unloading of InBound Vehicles , Exit Gate for OutBound Vehicles(Based on Current InPlant Traffic) & Shares In-Plant Route details with Rider on SMS/WebApp link, Alongside Ensuring Correct Vehicle-Dock Match To Allows Vehicle Dock-In


Post Vehicle Dock In at correct Station, Load Details Shared with Truck Loading Machine to Load Correct SKUs/Bags/ISTs in the Vehicle.Bag/IST Volume Loaded/Unloaded in the Truck Captured/Saved Against The Trip/Job and status is Updated Accordingly. Hassle-Free Bag-Count Verification & Raw Material Quality Testing Checks Done By Plant Team and Update in Plant-Ops Mobile application.

Dock Out/Weight Out

WeighBridge Integration Allows Vehicle for Loading/Unloading Verification . Invoice & E-Way bill Information Capture Through ERP/SAP/Enterprise Application Integration.Exception Reporting In Events of Incorrect Bag Loading/Unloading Verification & Tolerance Compliances. Post Verification Vehicle is Allowed for Gate-Out and On-Road Trip Begins.


One-Click Real Time And Historical Stage Based TAT Reports to measure Plant Wide Sectional Performance, Real-Time Comparison Reports by Route, Possible to Be Grouped by multiple parameters like Material Type, Depot-Type , Dispatch Type etc. Device & System Uptime reports for Compliance Comparison. Based on Organisation Parameters, Exception reports can be generated. Truck safety reports to identify vendors following poor safety protocols for relevant escalations.
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