Best GPS Vehicle Tracking System

An intelligent GPS Vehicle Tracking system for improving productivity, efficiency and profitability

Benefits & Features of Vehicle Tracking System

Improve Fleet Productivity & Utilization
Interactive & analytical reports enable fleets to increase vehicle utilization by doing more jobs in fewer hours and with scheduling & dispatch algorithms, real-time traffic, and best route selection help operators to increase output with minimum resources with our smart GPS Tracking Device.
Efficient Fleet Maintanence
Engine & tyre utilization reports, and real-time DTC alerts enable your team to prevent breakdowns beforehand and service reminders help you to automate routine inspections & reduce maintenance costs with our efficient Vehicle Tracking System.
Reduce Fuel & Operations Cost
Real-time fuel theft alerts & one-click real-time reports identify fuel waste, while time on site, site analytics & route analytics help reduce unnecessary running KMS, saving fuel, maintenance & labour cost with our GPS Tracking System.

Increase fleet visibility with GPS Vehicle tracking

Get real-time, 360-degree view of your fleet’s daily operations, thereby reducing costs, increasing productivity & stay on top of vehicle maintenance with Intelligent Vehicle Tracking System.

Advanced Analytics for the vehicle's performance over time

Analyze your entire vehicle operations with our GPS Vehicle Tracking System using trend lines, interactive dashboards, advanced reports and planned vs actual SLA comparisons.

Driver Behaviour Analytics

Intelligent driver scoring methodology, employs AI based scoring of metrics such as fatigue, rash-driving, over-speeding etc., helps in deciding actionable insights for mitigating losses & increasing trip efficiency with our GPS Tracking Software.

Alerts & Notifications

Granular insights on your vehicle operations along with instant alerts for delays, over-speeding, maintenance, geofences, critical conditions.

Real-time reports for efficient fleet operations

Get detailed analytical reports on fuel consumption, utilization, route planning , driver performance & they are planned vs actual differences for better future planning with fleetx’s GPS Tracking System.

Preventative maintenance and predictive remote diagnostics

Get notified beforehand for vehicle tracking problems even before it breaks down. Gets detailed information about the diagnosed problem in your vehicle and lower maintenance costs with our GPS Tracking Device.

Open APIs to connect with 3rd party systems

Integrate your ERP solution or any other third-party application with Fleetx’s GPS Vehicle Tracking System & extract meaningful data specific for all your operations.

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