Take control of your fleet with GPS tracking for vehicles carrying raw material load along with construction equipment.
Control Room to monitor equipments/vehicles
Track the movement of all your assets in a single window, highlighting their predicted delays to avoid missed deadlines, lost revenue and SLAs. Get uptime reports during jobs/trips to highlight misuse cases, avoid penalties. Increase ROI by avoiding unnecessary rentals and reallocating vehicles to customer sites on realtime basis.
Help prevent unauthorized use and theft
With Fleetx GPS tracking for construction equipments/vehicles, get alerts on unauthorized operation in any time of day or night. Using misuse alerts, set risk area geofences and get alerts when vehicle crosses these areas. Set in operating hours for each asset and get instant alerts for any unauthorised movement.
Avoid accidents, rising insurance costs and customer issues
The safe operation of your construction fleet is vital to your business to avoid heavy government fines. Fleetx telematics help you identifying the problem well in advance by getting speeding, harsh-acceleration, idling alerts and summary reports. Alert drivers on realtime basis to avoid late penalties, mis-happenings.
Improved & timely payroll and customer billing
Get more accurate historical data of working/running hours to let your business relied on better data. Increase customer billing accuracy and reduce irrelevant customer claims using real data ensuring accurate & timely payroll. Get daily running reports along with vehicle wise reports of arrival and departure times.
Live alerts & Service Reminders
Service Reminders help in scheduling preventative maintenance to increase vehicle/equipment lifetime, avoid untimely breakdowns & reduce heavy maintenance costs. Intelligent real-time alerts like harsh acceleration, over-speeding along with advanced analytical reports helps in analyzing vehicle service trends and maintenance costs.

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