E-Commerce Logistics Management

Use fleet management software to help improve routing and make more deliveries on time ensuring TATs
Empower your drivers
Allow your drivers to manage job requests and complete daily assignments quickly with advanced driver app features. Fast, feature-rich map with real-time GPS tracking shows driver location and current status along with consignment details.
Maintain TATs and ensure SLA compliances
Realtime delay alerts and route-deviation alerts help in avoiding delays of consignments by alerting the drivers on realtime. Fleetx Control tower helps in analysing the ETAs, delays in real-time, thus maintaining the on-time deliveries and help in winning more business.
Share Realtime Tracking and Live ETAs with your Clients
Enhance the customer experience by sharing real-time vehicle location & STAs with your customers. Easily share live ETAs/delays with customers to reduce inquiries, increase satisfaction, thereby maintaining high customer retention and win more business.
Improve Fleet Productivity & Utilization
Interactive & analytical reports enable fleets to increase vehicle utilization by doing more jobs in fewer hours. Get a complete perspective of business operations, including daily delivery reports, total expenditure and revenue in a single dashboard.
Simplify Operational complexities
Fleetx enables e-commerce-focused logistics providers to manage last-mile delivery by providing complete visibility and real-time updates to dispatchers, drivers and customers. Handle multi-point deliveries, Automatic Route Scheduling & Planning for faster deliveries and easily implement last-minutes changes quickly.
Easy & Secured E-POD
Once the consignment reaches the dealer, driver will be able to upload POD by putting Images, Comments & capture rejected quantity and reason

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