Passenger Transit

Improve customer service, visibility, and safety and enhance experience using Fleetx intelligent fleet management software
Promote Safe Driving Culture & Protect Your Brand
Gain insights into distracted driving using feedback system. Motivate your driver's culture and incentives around trip safety, keeping intact the customer experience. Encourage healthy driving behaviour with our driver rankings, build feedback based rewards programs.
Track Your Fleet in Real Time
Customers can view live vehicle location, distance & ETAs from pick-up or drop-off locations. Anticipate late arrivals and accordingly inform passengers of delays beforehand.
In-cab/In-vehicle, real-time driver feedback option
Ensure real time feedback of driver/trip for better on-time resolution and higher customer satisfaction. The operators/fleet-owners can convey the feedback on real-time basis, thereby maintaining high customer retention.
Send Customers Live ETAs
Reduce call inquiries and enhance the passenger experience by sharing real-time vehicle location & STAs with your customers. Ensure passenger comfort & safety with live temperature monitoring and custom alerts.
Increase Pickup Efficiency
Reduce customer waiting times by dispatching drivers to the closest passenger based on Fleetx route optimization algorithms. Compare planned vs actual route-wise performance, drill into individual route histories. Improve routes, increase vehicle utilisation time and improve on-time performance.