Transportation & Logistics

Increase customer satisfaction with Fleetx unified platform for fleet management & driver safety

Benefits of Transportation & Logistics

Enhance operational efficiency
It is not just GPS tracking and use a single platform for real-time location, route optimization & safety. Control Room helps in analysing the ETAs, delays in real-time, thus boosting the efficiency.
Increase productivity and enhance the driver experience
Fleetx: Driver App helps in simplify their key tasks including job sheets, lodging expenses, daily fleet maintenance checks. Avoid delays of consignments by alerting the drivers on realtime. Driver can see the single page view of all the consignments & delivery addresses for delivery management.
Maximize ROI by exceeding customer expectations
Easily share live ETAs/delays with customers to reduce inquiries, increase satisfaction, thereby maintaining high customer retention and win more business.
Track and increase fleet visibility in real-time
Get real-time, 360-degree view of your fleet’s daily operations, thereby reducing costs, increasing productivity. See vehicles on a live map and communicate better with drivers.
Improve driver experience & satisfaction
Make day-to-day tasks easy for drivers with an all-in-one Driver App. Driver can view all the consignments & their addresses on a single map. Fleetx Driver app enables drivers to enter transactions to enable real-time expense reporting for faster payables. Driver can upload E-POD on reaching the delivery location & the system automatically sends E-POD to all the stakeholders in real-time.
Improve customer service with better ETAs
Reduce call inquiries and enhance the customer experience by sharing real-time vehicle location & STAs with your customers. Ensure on-time deliveries with custom alerts and increase more business with better customer satisfaction.
Improve Fleet Productivity & Utilization
Interactive & analytical reports enable fleets to increase vehicle utilization by doing more jobs in fewer hours and Time on site & site analytics reports help operators to increase output with minimum resources.
Help prevent unauthorized use & secure valuable assets
With Fleetx GPS tracking, get alerts on unauthorized operation in any time of day or night. Set risk area geofences and get alerts when vehicle crosses these areas. Set in operating hours for each asset and get instant alerts for any unauthorised

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