Electric Vehicle Fleet Management

Monitor your Electric Vehicles from a Single Dashboard & Optimize maintenance cost by using real time analysis.

Benefits of Electric Vehicle Fleet Management

Real-time Charging status & alerts
Combat charge anxiety with complete visibility into your vehicle’s state-of-charge, battery charge, and charge status. Track and monitor your electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles and get alerted when vehicles are running low on battery.
EV Utilization History
Evaluate your EV activity and performance. Optimize energy usage, charge time, charging locations, and better plan your fleet’s charging cycles.
CAN based Battery Management System (BMS)
A battery management system helps prevent over-charging and over-heating, which increases battery life, efficiency and helps provide reliable battery-powered applications. BMS dynamically controls single cell voltage and temperature during charging and discharging and hence provides early warning and facilitates appropriate cut-offs

EV Battery Management

Check your EV fleet battery consumption in graphical form.

EV Report

EV charging Summary – Get the EV complete activity summary in which include the charging/discharge status, battery consumption as per whole day/weekly/monthly activity. Usage report – Know the charge usage of the particular vehicle as per the running km. Charging/ Charged / Discharged Report Battery Health report – Show the battery life for the last 6 months

Intelligent EV related Alarms

  • Low Battery Notification
  • Charging Started
  • Vehicle has completed charging - Get the notification when the vehicle battery is fully charged.
  • Charger disconnected - Get the notification when the vehicle battery is disconnected from the charger.

Battery Health

Monitor your vehicles’ battery capacity and health over time to stay on top of degradation patterns. Keeping an eye on battery reactions to weather, usage, and charging habits can help you maintain optimal performance for your EVs.

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