Fuel Management System

Harness Fleetx's fuel monitoring sensor in stopping fuel pilferage/theft and increase fuel efficiency by minimising idling and save huge on fuel costs.

Benefits of Fuel Management System

Gain Better Fuel Usage Insights
Fleetx Fuel Management System lets you see all of your fuel data at a glance to spot problems, along with corresponding map location & time. Rich analytics reports on fuel transactions by fuel type, distance covered, amount and cost.
Reduce Fuel Pilferage (Fuel theft)
Simple and easy UI along with detailed historical fuel fill/theft records helps customers to analyse minute-by-minute breakdowns of all fuel usage points, % quantity of fuel stolen, with the exact location and time of fuel theft to support the claim.
Realtime Alarms & Notifications
Receive real-time alerts on SMS/App/Email when the fuel level suddenly goes beyond the defined limits to monitor/avoid fuel theft or unnecessary filling of fuel.
Fuel Wastage Detection
Fleetx advanced sensor and intelligent analytics provide the accurate mileage and fuel consumption of vehicle. It also detects the fuel wastage based on parameter such as idling, hard acceleration, deceleration and helps in saving huge on fuel costs.
Improve fuel efficiency with proactive vehicle maintenance
Vehicles at optimal performance helps reduce fuel consumption. Real-time diagnostic alerts and service reminders allow for timely engine and vehicle maintenance and thus increase fuel efficiency.
Fuel Usage Analytics & Reports
View & Export Fuel level history Reports with their corresponding locations & time. Weekly, monthly, or quarterly trends aims to analyse and curb fuel theft, thus decreasing the fuel costs tremendously. Various analytical reports such as Fuel usage over the trip with Fuel refill/theft data points help in deciding the fuel expenses per vehicle over different routes.
Easily Track Fuel Transactions
Drivers can easily log each fuel purchase and upload transactions directly through our Fleetx Driver App to save time and reduce the hassle of paper receipts.
Easy and Simple Uploader for bulk transactions
Input: Directly through the system or using Fleetx fuel Forms
Upload: Manually import fuel data from spreadsheet files on the fly
Integrate: Automatically integrate data from fuel card and fuelling system

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