SIM Based Tracking

Operators worried about tracking of market vehicles? Worried about the cost of acquiring GPS devices for hired/market vehicles? Worried about the operations of install/remove of GPS devices from these vehicles?

Benefits of SIM Based Tracking

Many questions but a single answer - SIM based Asset Tracking - More reliable, cost-effective and complete fleet management for Market/Hired vehicles. It is designed to monitor the fleet operations across various location based on the location co-ordinates captured of the cellular network of the driver. Designed to track & locate, monitor the day-to-day activities of the fleet without the need of conventional GPS trackers.
Consent Acknowledgement
Consent acknowledgement by the drivers to enable tracking only during the trip without hindering their privacy.
Customised Tracking Duration
Fleet operator can Start SIM Tracking and End SIM Tracking at any point of time with simple click. Moreover, Extend SIM Tracking command enables you to extend the tracking if the vehicle is delayed on its TAT, to avoid real-time tracking being missed.
Cost effective
SIM Tracking since it doesn’t require any capex expense for hardware/devices/handsets.
Trip Management
Real-time tracking and better visibility for Market Aggregated/ Hired Fleet, keeping in tact on-time delivery and SLAs
OTP based Delivery Confirmation & Tracking
No more reliability on driver to submit proof of delivery documents & misuse/theft cases. Consignee/Customer gets an OTP as soon as driver reaches its geofence and driver needs to send the OTP for the delivery confirmation.