AIS 140 GPS Devices

Get AIS140 certified GPS Tracking device, BSNL certificate and Form 17 at best prices

Advanced AIS 140 GPS Tracking

Real-time location with easy-to-use vehicle tracking dashboard. Manage fleet operations with real-time vehicle status & ensure safety with instant speeding & violation alarms.

Panic/SOS Button (Emergency Request Button)

Vehicles equipped with AIS 140 Certified devices are also fitted with SOS button(s). One click button for driver in case of emergency or any urgent issue. In case of emergency, vehicle breakdown or any mishappening, driver can press SOS button, thereby sharing live location itself, ensuring faster response time to incidents.

Increased Vehicle Running Performance

Intelligent driver scoring methodology, employs AI based scoring of metrics such as fatigue, rash-driving, over-speeding etc., helps in deciding actionable insights for mitigating losses & increasing trip efficiency.

Fuel Consumption & Logs

Monitor fuel mileage & consumption over the trip with real-time alerts in case of fuel-refill/fuel-theft to monitor unnecessary fuel expenses. Analyse weekly, monthly, or quarterly fuel consumption trends to curb fuel theft, thus monitoring vehicle fuel mileage & costs.

Vehicle Passing AIS 140 GPS Certificates

All new and old vehicles including national permit trucks, buses, taxis will require fitment, Vahaan and BSNL/DIMTS certificate provided by fleetx when they are due for passing. These certificates shall be provided by fleetx after installation of AIS 140 certified GPS Tracker.

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