Driver Management & Electronic POD

Ensure timely deliveries and implements faster invoicing

Realtime Visibility for Driver Support

Avoid continuous calling to drivers on job by providing full map view of assigned routes. Ensure timely delivery of the consignment with real-time tracking along with the ETAs, delay, delivery confirmation alerts. Fast, feature-rich map with real-time GPS tracking shows driver location and current status.

One click call button for driver in case of emergency

In case of emergency, vehicle breakdown or any mishappening, driver can directly call from the app itself with a single click, providing vehicle live location & ensuring faster response time to incidents. Nearby Vehicles feature helps you to find the fleets around the vehicle in need to provide help as soon as possible.

Manage Driver & Vehicle Documents

Ensure legal compliance & avoid heavy challans by keeping full range of driver & vehicle information securely and manage all documents such as driver license, vehicle permits, pollution certificates, insurance and more in the driver app itself.

Improve Driver Performance

Single page view of all the consignments & their consignees for delivery management in the driver app. Driver can see all the delivery points on rich map view with their TATs, reporting time & scheduled time, delivery details (quantity, weight etc.) for multiple deliveries.

Instant Messaging for uninterruptible communication

Instant messaging lets drivers and fleet managers stay connected. Operators can use Fleetx dashboard to send messages to drivers in real-time, thereby improving driver performance and ensuring on-time deliveries. Similarly, drivers can message directly to Control Room in case of trouble/emergency.

Easy & Secured E-POD

Once the consignment reaches the dealer, driver will be able to upload POD by putting Images, Comments & capture rejected quantity and reason.

Single click updation to stakeholders

The system automatically sends E-POD to all the stakeholders in real-time. Comprehensive delivery tracking details including delivered addresses & timestamps are being recorded to know when/where ePODs are received.

Manage driver expenditures & ensure faster payouts

Drivers can upload the expenses/transactions using intuitive Fleetx UI with the single click. Reduce the payable cycles & running cash-flow problems. The app is very simple for the driver to use and will reduce payment disputes & implements faster invoicing.

Streamline the Inspection Process

Single click vehicle inspection form helps drivers complete vehicle inspection easily and quickly. Fleet Managers/Operators can review/edit inspection defects and manage the driver/mechanic inspection workflow. Fill all the inspection forms and save.

Full workflow management and control in real time

Increase productivity & decrease administrative costs with efficient and real-time driver scheduling. Save all the documents online and reduce the cumbersome tasks of keeping the check on list of documents to be taken by driver.