Driver Behaviour Analytics & Safety

First driver scoring methodology which scores drivers on the basis of fatigue driving, over-speeding, sharp turns, SLAs violation & various other metrics.

Benefits of Driver Behaviour Analytics & Safety

Fleetx's driver behaviour solutions are proven to cut fuel costs by up to 10%; reduce instances of speeding, idling; and decrease accident rate, thereby helps in negotiating lower insurance premiums. Smoother driving leads to better fleet performance followed by increase in fuel efficiency & reducing the instances of accidents.

Make it easy to reward and incentivizing drivers

Motivate your driver's culture and incentives around driver safety, keeping intact the TAT & SLAs. Encourage healthy competition with our driver rankings, build data-driven rewards programs, and ensure best drivers retention.

Track behaviour trends and improvements over time

Identify risky driving practices like over-speeding, hard-deacceleration, over-speeding, unwanted stoppages, idling and measure changes in your safety culture over time with driver behaviour trend reports.

Optimize driver training and coaching

Track individual drivers by measuring their driving pattern exceptions such as over-speeding, idling etc. Tracking an individual driver helps in customizing the dedicated training program to ensure safe driving environment.

In-cab, real-time driver coaching alerts

Ensure consistent coaching of all drivers – no matter the location, supervisor or time. Fleetx offers in-cab alerts for real-time feedback in case of any driving exceptions such as driver nodding, idling, over-speeding. The operators can convey the changes/updates to drivers through voice-modulated lite chat.

Minimize insurance costs and maximize ROI

The driver behaviour data is being delivered in comprehensive manner, which can be used to minimize insurance costs, reduce chances of accidents, delivery goods loses, saves lives & time.