Fleet Maintenance

Maximize vehicle utilization, profits and minimize costs

Reduce Downtime with Service Reminders employing usage-based maintenance

Service Reminders help in scheduling preventative maintenance based on meter reading, time interval, actual mileage, or engine hours to increase vehicle lifetime, avoid untimely breakdowns & reduce heavy maintenance costs.

Access Real-Time Vehicle Diagnostics

Fleetx device collects data directly from each vehicle’s on-board diagnostics port to facilitate spotting issues such as failing batteries percentage and DTCs engine faults. Set up custom alerts for vehicle defects to protect vehicle health & reduce costs.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Maximize running time and minimize costs with real-time vehicle diagnostics, service reminders, preventative maintenance schedules, paperless driver inspection. Fleetx advanced analytical reports helps in analyzing vehicle service trends and maintenance costs.

Paperless inspection through Driver app

Drivers can use the Fleetx App to examine parts against a necessary built-in checklist, indicate faults & add photos before the start of the job. The inspection process is fast, easy, and designed as the driver friendly experience.

Quick Response using Nearby Vehicles feature

No need to worry if vehicle breakdown during the job. Real-time alerts to your operations team, live GPS location & Nearby Vehicles feature enables quick dispatch to reduce the losses & vehicle downtime.

Service History & Preventative Maintenance

Maintain detailed service records and view inspection history of the vehicle and their associated maintenance costs. Decide beforehand which vehicle needs to be replaced to avoid operational and maintenance losses.

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