Kataria Transport decreased their Turn around time by 20% with Fleetx

Kataria transport is one of the top parcel booking companies in India with a major presence in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. They also deal in corporate clients and have offices in 30 locations. As impressive as it sounds, running operations smoothly at this level is a nightmare in itself. Despite having a capable team they were struggling in reducing their turnaround time and logistical inefficiency due to lack of visibility. Unchecked Drivers idling was another major pain point for Kataria Transport.

Kataria is a very forward-thinking company and knew from the beginning that technology is the way to move forward, but was worried that to adopt new technology in their operations the solution would have to be very easy to use. They also wanted to track parameters such as kilometres tracked, route mapping etc. Frustrated by this, they reached out to Fleetx. Like always Fleetx initially tries to understand the problem statement in depth before giving a solution and spent weeks analysing how to decrease the turnaround time for Kataria Transport. Fleetx realised that to improve TAT, we would first need to find the reasons that caused it by first increasing visibility and analysing in-depth reports.. Exactly as we had understood, the improved visibility helped in reducing Kataria Transport’s TAT by 20%.

Visibility of their Fleet


Decreased turn-around time by


Kataria has always been a company that looks towards technology for answers to their problems, now impressed with what Fleetx did they have approached us again for our Fuel Monitoring System. So that they can monitor their fuel consumption and prevent fuel theft. A new addition to this case study might come soon.

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Lack of Visibility

Fleetx has helped thousands of clients improve their operational efficiency over years and somehow we always end up starting the process with visibility. Lack of visibility always ends up being the root cause of much bigger problems. And everyone falls victim to it, from small companies to top-level companies like Kataria Transport. They did not have end-to-end visibility of their fleet, and many drivers took advantage of that situation and spent hours idling around. They were dependent on the driver’s word and needed some way to keep a check on this. They also needed in-depth reporting of parameters like kilometres mapping and driver route mapping.

How Fleetx helped

Fleetx Installed Tracking devices to all their fleet and gave Kataria Transport’s team a dashboard where they could see the live location of their drivers and can also set up alarms and notifications for many easily customisable parameters, such as getting alerts when drivers spent more than 3 hours idling.

Kataria Transport admits to now having for the first time 24*7 visibility of his fleet and is happy with that.

Visibility of Fleet


Improving the Turn around time.

As mentioned, before approaching Fleetx, Kataria Transport was trying its best to improve its TAT. But due to lack of visibility it had become a big issue. They knew that they needed technology to help them out but they were also scared to have a complex solution that would have been unusable by the team. Working our way from improving visibility, we knew that improving TAT was now very close.

How Fleetx helped

As we have experienced many times before, once you get end to the visibility of your operations and of your fleet, everything starts falling in place. With better visibility via tracking and detailed reports, they could easily identify the problems that required their attention and effort. Also, the Kataria team admitted that using Fleetx was very easy, and hence made implementing it into their operations feel very natural. With time Kataria has seen a decrease in TAT by 20%. They have also recently approached Fleetx for a Fuel Monitoring system so that they can monitor their fuel cost, and prevent cargo theft. Hopefully, we will make a new addition to this very case study soon

Decreased TAT by


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