Star Cement Increased Their Deliveries by 39% with Fleetx

Star Cements is one of the largest manufacturers of cement in the North-East region of India. The company owns and operates plants in Lumshong( Meghalaya), Sonapur( Assam ) and Mohit Nagar( West Bengal). They manufacture different types of cement, such as OPC 43, OPC 53, PPC and anti-rust cement. Before Fleetx The Star Cements were facing a lot of difficulty due to a lack of visibility in their operations. The operations staff was very casual in terms of their performance, which resulted in inefficient fleet management. They needed to scale their deliveries but with a lack of visibility and the casual attitude of staff, they were failing in doing so. Another major problem that they were facing was that drivers used to idle at home by parking their trucks. This made driver availability an issue. Fleetx understood the need here and provided end to end visibility through features like Automated Jobs, Job wise reports and checkpoints, Site analysis. With these solutions in place, Star cements saw an increase in deliveries by 39% and their availability of trucks increased by 25%

Deliveries by


Availability of trucks increased by


We have been really impressed with fleetx's Intelligent Fleet Management System. We are able to track and analyze our daily / weekly fleet usage and cost to ensure that our drivers are performing to our needs and helped us to identify which vehicles were costing us more. The support team provides friendly assistance before and after installation.

-Sajjan Bhajanka, Founder, Star Cements

Lack of Visibility

Star Cements is one of the biggest names in brands of cement in the NE region of the country, but they were facing challenges due to the lack of visibility of their trucks during operations. In a fast-moving economy, a lack of visibility can result in diminished returns, inefficient resource management, low operational standards, etc. which affects individual company performance.

How Fleetx helped

After incorporating the control tower into their daily operations- one of Fleet’s flagship products- Star Cements found that the visibility levels had increased, and all details about ongoing jobs were now accessible in a central database. This solution further provides Star Cements with real-time data, on minimal time delay. Fleetx’s solution can provide a business with the most accurate data of their fleet. Star cements claims that getting automated and individual job reports upon completion with various metrics customised to their needs has helped them solve the lack of visibility and has made their lives comfortable. .

Following this, the visibility increased to a level where Star Cements could better decide the capacity of their fleet. Fleetx’s solutions also helped them increase visibility to a point where it was easier to predict the availability of trucks due to the centralised nature of the system, and also identify the factors that lead to inefficiency

Low Number of deliveries

Incorporating Fleetx’s solution into the business has helped Star Cements to increase the number of trips that their trucks complete. One of the challenges that they were facing before this was the high number of idle vehicles during deliveries; the drivers would waste time on the road or at their houses because there was limited control over their location. Another challenge was ineffective route deviation when required, and lack of alerts when drivers deviated from the routes themselves. Incomplete knowledge of the situation, and the lack of reliable data, impacted the productivity of the company during operational hours.

How Fleetx helped

In the last quarter of the financial year, after signing up to Fleetx’s services, there was a 39% increase in the number of deliveries that were completed by NECPL trucks. This has led to an increase in the revenue generated. This happened due to greater visibility and more control over the truck’s whereabouts, there has been an improvement in vehicle placement and availability. We also implemented our Route Deviation feature in case the route needs to deviate immediately due to any reason and also get alerts in case the driver tried to deviate the route by himself without informing. Currently, about 25% of trucks are available at any two locations on any given day. Additionally, drivers are happier than they have more trips to do. This has been made possible due to the fact that inefficiencies in assigning vehicles have decreased, and the availability of vehicles has increased.

Deliveries have increased by 39% and the availability of trucks has increased by 25%

Availability of truck increased by


delivery increased by


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